Denis McCourt's, "F*cked Up Fairytales" premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017 and received critical acclaim. Tayla performed as the Ice Princess, based off of Ivanka Trump. It was a twist on the current political air and used fairytale characters to make fun of the current leaders in power.

When It rains

a short film

From April 2016 until January 2017, Tayla and a group of very dedicated filmmakers created her very own first short film. Tayla co-wrote, executively produced, starred in and funded this independent short. When It Rains followed the story of a girl Lila who gets burdened with the news of her cancer returning after a horrible first time. This time, will her father let her make her own choices, or choose to control her like he always use to. When it Rains won over 9 awards in local LA and international film festival markets and was nominated in over 15 award categories.


INDEpendent short by michael McCartney

In 2017, Tayla and a few of her classmates got together and wrote a 20 minute film with their lecturer, Michael McCartney. I am LSJ revolves around a secret fashion designer who keeps their identity hidden so their fame can go to their cause and donations to charity. Follow the daring team at OMG Magazine, to see if they can find the identity of LSJ to get ahead of their rival magazine competition. Tayla plays Lynda, the cynical, monstrous CEO of the Magazine.


An adaptation of "The lion king" by simmie sangian 

In 2017, Tayla was cast as the female version of Scar. Simmie Sangian chose to do a gender twist to the world famous Lion King and put a female in charge of the tribe. The piece poked holes at gender inequality and gave a refreshing outlook on female empowerment. It was an honor for Tayla to be cast as Scar, a story she had grown up with. The likes of Hans Zimmer's manager came to see the show, as we all remember he did the music for the movies. Lebo M was rumored to come but his flights could not allow him to.

No exit

By Denis MccOURT

In 2017, Tayla was cast as Estelle in Jean-Paul Sarte's NO EXIT. Denis McCourt did an adaptation which highlighted the uncomfortable feeling of that we live in our own hell, wherever we are.


By Rain Dennisman

In 2016, Rain Dennisman, award winner of prestigious fashion film festivals, cast Tayla as the lead in her fashion film. MUSE focussed on the absuive relatioinships that artists have with their muse's. Once they have inspired them with beautiful ideas, they throw them out with the trash. Tayla voiced the the film as well.